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Director’s Message

Atma Vani is a non profit, Non government Organization, dedicated in imparting Knowledge, skills and awareness among the weaker strata of society with emphasis on employment generation, looking after destitute empowering women, integrated development of orphan children, Preventing T.B. and other health hazards, drug de-addiction and awareness about education, environment and public hygiene.

The organization is committed to identify, tap and optimally harness the potential of under-privileged classes of society in such a way as to strike a judicious balance between their own quality of life as well as towards their meaningful contribution to the society.

We are immensely happy to extend you a hearty welcome to visit us online. Atma Vani has crossed its ten years of its social work. With the richest experience attained in the 10 long years of walk with Indian communities.

On behalf of ATMA VANI and personally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all those who have extended their financial, programmatic, organizational, technical guidance to us in the past 10 long years of ATMA VANI existence and the quality of time spent towards community development work. I sincerely thank our individual sponsors and partners for their timely support and solidarity. By your and our combined effort together, we have achieved many revolutionary changes among sections of our society. Thanks for all your extended co-operation in the past and do expect the same in the future also with great affinity and support.

I also thank immensely for the support extended and co-operation found from the government officials in several Districts, from locally elected representatives, co-working friends, staff of ATMA VANI, consultants, advisors, auditors, legal advisors, media friends, well-wishers, volunteers in the public and local community people who extended their absolute co-operation and support in the successful implementation of our programs and diligently with people's participation as end recipients.

By reposing faith in us we are sure to achieve extended milestones what we foresee to set out to do in the future initiatives.

Hearty Compliments

Vivek Peter

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