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Who We Are

Atma Vani Welfare Society’ is a registered charitable organization started in 2005 under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 with the main objects to carry on social service such as upliftment of the poor without cognizance of creed or race by means of education, medical and social relief, including the distribution without charge for the food, medical remedies and such like commodities.

ATMA VANI is a Registered Charitable Organization with a mission to provide better living facilities among the deprived sections of the society. Our mission is to re-define life and promote quality life to the poor and the needy. We have been working to improve the lives of disadvantaged children, their families and communities through an approach that puts children at the centre of community development. We have been working with our partners to help children access their rights to proper healthcare, basic education, and healthy environment, protection from abuse and exploitation and participation in decisions that affect their lives.

The aim of Atma Vani is to provide assistance for education of children economically and socially disadvantaged families with emphasis on helping them to reach their maximum potential, to help in times of medical emergency, to assist construction of shelter; to provide economic tools - financial assistance and guidance - for the poor to work their way out of poverty with dignity and grace.

We conduct various events and activities for, old aged people, physically challenged, differently able etc. It is our responsibility to understand their needs and cater to their services whole heartedly. We take great pleasure when the heavy faces turn into glooming faces. It is our constant effort to nurture the under privileged children, protect them from harmful influences and educate them to be a responsible being.

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